Working from Home Summer 2023 Must-Haves

It may feel like Christmas was two minutes ago, but it will be the hottest day of the year before you know it! And with that in mind dear homeworkers, it’s time to cast our minds to summer 2023 and your work essentials list.

Working from home jobs certainly have their perks; the option to lounge around in your PJs all day, hide behind the glare of Zoom calls, and to enjoy the comfort of an office that is yours, all yours! But, alas - it also takes some upkeep. Which is why we’ve curated this must-have list of innovative work from home products to set you up for summer 2023


Go Green

Did you know that Classic Green is one of the official Pantone colours of the year? As well as runways, you’ll see a sprinkling of green in offices, retail spaces, and home décor bursting onto the scene. Be ahead of the game and add a pop of colour to your home office, even if you’re one of the many working nomads. One of our favourite and fun work from home accessories is this green marble QI Charger. Its design is sleek and stylish, and it effortlessly fires up your iPhone, Samsung, or Huawei model in no time.

qi charger on desk next to pen tray

British Summer Time

One thing that miffs the best of us in the summer is knowing the time. When it’s still bright at 9pm and you’re tapping away at your desk, it’s quite easy to lose track of time. Which is why every working from home professional needs a desk clock. But, not just any desk clock, oh no. It’s got to be stylish and make a statement, like this stunning Wooden Desk Clock. Elegantly produced with a wooden finish, this eco-conscious treat is both practical and functional all at once. A summer must have for sure.

 promi design clock

Moveable Screen

We all love the sunshine, but when you’re in a small home office, it’s less fun when the sun bounces off your computer screen and blinds you. All hail then, the adaptable monitor mount – a verified work from home must have gadget. This clever devices means that you can move your screen in any direction to avoid the sun’s glare.

 k&M monitor mount

Pot a Pen

There’s nothing more annoying than a rogue pen going missing. Is it just us or does this happen even more when you’re working from home? Give yourself one less stress to worry about with this stylish nest pen pot. Available in a host of colours, including red, black and blue, it’s a fun way to liven up a grey space in the summer months.

 nest pen pot on desk

Get Industrial

It’s all about the industrial look for SS23, and yes that means your home office too. One of our favourite innovative work from home products is this framed wall-art four piece shelf set. A statement for your office, it’s open-plan feel is well suited to the breezy summer months, giving an office space a glossy uplift. Add your journals, workbooks and even a plant to your chic shelving space – satisfaction guaranteed.

 image of 4 shelves on a wall

Take Note

Did we mention it’s all about green this summer?! In keeping with the theme, this racing green A5 notebook is a beautiful investment in stationery. Perfect for jotting down notes, creating your daily to-do list and much more, make it a must-have on your work essentials list. Best of all, it’s on sale – while stocks last, don’t miss out.

 yop and tom journal in green on a bed


Anyone in working from home jobs knows that things can get a little sweaty come the summer months. Unless you’re blessed with air-conditioning in your home, it can be all too-easy for things to get hot and sticky. This is a good time to purchase an Oakywood felt and cork desk mat. Unbothered by the heat and made from ecological cork, this light and attractive material is ideal for the warmer months ahead.


Blast Those Tunes

All work and no play isn’t much fun. If there was ever an excuse to play your old Shaggy records or Will Smith classics, it’s summer for sure. Whether you work to music or enjoy an excuse to get off your chair and shake it out for a few minutes, you’re going to need some tunes. The Tivoli Audio Revive is a pretty snazzy option, with its cool design fitting into any home office with ease. Since it’s operated by Bluetooth, it’s also perfect for transporting to your garden office too! Add it to your work essentials list today.

 tivoli revive next to bed

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