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Craighill Eyewear Stand

Craighill Eyewear Stand

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A minimalist cast-metal pedestal for your eyewear.

Too long, our glasses have been tucked away in drawers, placed in flimsy cases, or haphazardly placed on a desk or bedside table. Easily misplaced and damaged, these essential objects require resting places that keep them safe and visible. 

Any style of frame is accommodated on the Craighill Eyewear Stand, and the glasses almost appear to lean back, fully reclined. The image has a distinct face-like appearance, evoking a museum moment with a hint of Groucho Marx. 


1. Dimensions - 3 x 2 x 1.25 inch.
2. 14.5 oz.
3. Cast Brass or Stainless Steel.


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