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iPhone Stand

iPhone Stand

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The Oakywood MagSafe iPhone Stand is a multifunctional tool to make using your iPhone even more comfortable. Milled wooden backrest, tilted at the most ergonomic angle, and a sturdy base guarantee safety and comfort while keeping your phone charged. You can join a videoconference without worrying about your battery life and always have your phone within arm’s reach.

Don't worry about your phone falling over, the 700g base is plenty sturdy and its low centre of gravity means nothing will come crashing down when you remove your phone.


Length: 10.4 cm
Width: 8.1 cm
Height: 13.9 cm

The iPhone Stand is made from natural wood so some variation in color may occur.

Please Note: You will need to purchase the Apple Magsafe Charger (link to to use this product.

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