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Craighill Kepler Pen - Stainless Steel

Craighill Kepler Pen - Stainless Steel

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Behold, the Kepler Pen by Craighill.

Hand-written notes are an essential part of human life. Making lists, composing poetry, sketching plans, or composing a letter - we use writing implements each day to communicate with each other.

The pen is as much an extension and reflection of our humanity as anything else. 

The goal at Craighill was to create a writing tool that would help enhance your analog routine. It is beautiful, functional, and a joy to hold in your hand. 


1. Dimensions - 5 x 0.3 Inches.
2. 2oz.
3. Takes standard Schmidt 635 refills.
4. Pair with the Pen Rest for the perfect place to keep the Kepler Pen.

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