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The Wick

The Wick

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Light is meant to be shared, so The Wick is designed as a connecting tool that makes life's moments more meaningful. Wick is designed to create ambiance and togetherness every time, while being a companion and a place to gather.

It is a call from the past to the future. It is an invitation to mindfully illuminate the present. Combining the romance of a candle with the convenience of a flashlight, Wick is adaptable to and fits a variety of settings, from the intimate home to a busy restaurant patio to a warm office kitchen.


1. Dimensions - 26cm tall, 12cm diameter.
2. 1w light source.
3. LED Colour temperature - 2600k.
4. Coated Aluminium design, acrylic top.
5. USB-C with inbuilt rechargeable Lithium battery.
6. 12hr-150hr battery life, depending on mode.
7. NOTE - for use in a dry location only.
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