Father's Day - A Short Story

The Obligatory Fathers Day Post

“It’s fathers day, spend money with me!”

Most people reading this already know what I sell, a post entitled “the top 5 things to buy the dad who has everything” is probably going to get lost among the barrage of emails and social media ads you're going to receive in the coming days. I thought I’d offer something different for Father’s Day…

I brought my dad a Father’s Day card in 2018, I popped via Sainsburys to grab a pack of beers and proceeded to head on over to him. When I arrived, I realised I had left the card on the kitchen table… Disaster. 

It’s not like my father is too sentimental, so we had a joke about it and opened a couple of beers. It was a nice afternoon in all honesty, we put the world to rights, chatted about when I was a kid and he tried to explain how Spurs could be Premier League contenders next season (spoiler, they weren't). It really was a welcome change in routine. 

A welcome change in routine

Now, if you can afford to get that somebody special a gift then go right ahead. I’m not trying to stand on a moral mountain here, if your social circle demands extravagant gifts for Valentines day or expensive costumes for Halloween it’s for you to decide if it’s something you want to accept. It is a lovely feeling to give and receive gifts.

For me though, I like to view these “public-but-not-a-day-off“ holidays not as a corporate money grab, but as a reason to do something different. It’s easy to get bogged down by the monotony of life and these special days serve as a nice reminder to catch up with a loved one and have some fun. 

They’re also a great reminder to check in on the people you care for, undoubtedly there are many people in our lives that would prefer a quick video call than a card/gift sent in the post. 

My father’s card still sits on the side in the living room, he hasn’t received it yet, but I do send him a photo of it once per year. Last year it looked a little different as my 2yo managed to get his claws, and teeth, on it 😅 Maybe dad will get it one day, maybe he’ll just be stuck with a pack of beers and my presence for an afternoon, who knows? But I like it just the way it is.

If you're doing something for Fathers Day then I hope you have a great time! Back to reality now, and with my retail cap back on, if you want to grab something for a special father in your life, then I'd love for you to head on over to blankspace.co.uk and pick something up.


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