Spotlight - The Dragonflight Balance Lamp by Gingko

I mean look, it even balances on your laptop! 

Dragon flight lamp by gingko on MacBook

So there we go, just go here, click buy and be happy that you've purchased something truly awesome!

Want some more info? Read on...

UK Based brand Gingko are a family startup based in Warwickshire. They've been going over 10 years now and they truly have created some incredible looking products. My first question, and apparently one they get asked a lot, was "why Gingko?". Turns out the Gingko Biloba is one of the worlds oldest trees and has seemingly been used for making recipes, remedies and teas for hundreds of years. They believe in echoing the trees qualities, Longevity, beauty and practicality, in their business,

I'd add one other quality to the Gingko team, Caring. Not only do they produce wonderful products but the team are very attentive. Often dropping a quick call/email to see how things are going, the conversation always starts with a friendly "how are you, how's things?". A real sign of people who care!

Back to the Dragon Flight Balance Light, it's a marvel. The warm c.3000k glow of the light can be adjusted to three levels of brightness, can be charged in under 4hrs and will last well over 24hrs depending on the settings you use.

Gingko have gone with the latest USB C for connectivity (the charging port neatly tucked out of the way, cable included) as well as a soft touch button to turn the desk lamp on and off. 

The two materials of the Balance Lamp, laser cut Walnut and Maple really look fantastic and would suit any home office space. Take a look at the video below and tell me this isn't the perfect desk light.

I hope you love this office lamp as much as I do. If you wish to purchase it you can do so here. We are kicking off our Lighting month on February 1st and the Gingko Dragonflight Balance will be 10% off for one week only!