What's on my desk

There is no one-size-fits-all workspace.

Where do you work and and what kind of desk do you use? What is the state of your work space? Does it look neat and organized or is it cluttered with paperwork, hobbies and the children's toys? Are you seated at an old-fashioned wooden desk or are you standing at an electric standing desk? Are you all about this year's top tech for gaming and working, or are you content with an old laptop and headphones?

This series will dive right into some setups, starting with my own. We'll look at both my Work/Hobby hybrid desk at home, and my more formal office desk. What surrounds me. What I'm sat on. My little creature comforts.

Home Office Walnut Desk with desk pad and Logitech mx master

So here it is! Did I give it a quick tidy up before taking the photo? Perhaps...

This is my working from home office desk, a custom walnut top with metal framed legs, I hope to be stocking something similar at blankspace.co.uk soon.

On top is a mixture of work and play, but also a mixture of digital and analogue. I love my office tech, if you hadn't noticed, but sometimes a pen and paper just feels right. 

I originally just used my MacBook for everything but soon found its limitations so switched out to the Mac Studio, the laptop is perfect for carting things between home and work though so it has a neat little spot on my desk and will do for the foreseeable future. The eagle eyed amongst you will notice the MacBook is propped on top of this months giveaway, the Walnut Laptop Riser. Its amazing how this simple little product just adds a whole bunch of comfort by making the keyboard easier to type on and bringing the screen up just a little bit. 

Its probably my second favourite gadget on the desk (and a reason why I chose it for the giveaway, which if you haven't entered, you can do here). What's my most favourite you ask?

Picture of a walnut desk with oakwood desk mat on top

This Oakywood felt and cork desk pad has to be my favourite desk accessory at the moment. Why? It's warm. It's that simple, I love the Logitech MX keyboard and Mouse setup I have, but resting my wrists against a cold desk at 7am isn't pleasant. This thing feels so luxurious, it's got a little springiness to it which is nice under the wrist, it keeps my keyboard from slipping about and yet my mouse just glides beautifully along it.

I'd highly recommend you getting one!

"of course you would matt you sell them!" 

Well yes, thats true. I can shamelessly plug that on my own website, can't I? (go here to check it out) But seriously, if you're looking to upgrade your desk you can get cheap ones in certain high street retailers, you can get expensive ones on Etsy and others too I'm sure. And that's fine, I won't take it to heart I promise, but when you put it down on your office desk and it feels fantastic just remember who tipped you off, ok!

Let's Talk Tech

  • Mac Studio
  • Macbook pro
  • 2x Dell 24" 1080p monitors
  • UA Arrow and Satellite 
  • Caldigit TS3
  • Akai MPD218
  • Focal CMS 50 Speakers
  • Lenovo Tablet/Picture Fram
  • Oakywood Felt Desk Pad
  • Logitech MX Master Keyboard and Mouse
  • Dotgrid a5 Notepad and Mini Pink Notepad
  • M-Audio Keystation 49
  • ATh M40x Headphones
  • Various mics, picks, plugs, SD cards etc

I think that covers most things, however my desk does some hybrid duties for some others hobbies too. I may get into them in a future post but for now I'll leave you here. 

I'm hoping to get some guests on soon to show off different styles of working from home, hybrid working and even little things you can do to spark some life into your office desk setups.

Happy New Year and speak soon!