Update to Microsoft Viva Goals

New features have been added to Microsoft's goal-setting, objectives and key results (OKR) solution to help more users achieve their goals with increased clarity, productivity and motivation.

microsoft viva working from home application

As part of these changes, Viva Goals will be more integrated with Microsofts Dynamics 365, Teams, Power BI and Planner applications. 

A new insights view enables system administrators to track company wide metrics, and Power BI collaborations will allow users to use data driven graphics within the platform.

In addition, Microsoft has teamed up with Forrester to create motivational programs for its employees.

Studies found that setting clear goals enables workers to be more focussed, gain a greater sense of purpose and be more accountable. Additionally, Microsoft Viva Goals has been found to provide workers and leaders with a sense of unity, which can sometimes be harmed when using the wrong project management tools. 

As a reminder to engage in discussion and to fine tune goals regularly, the Viva insights dashboard will prompt leaders to track their employee progress. This is because the study has shown that many employees view goals as a one time exercise and without consistent follow ups quality of work tends to slip. Employees themselves have also said that not enough time was being spent with them, adapting work schedules and checking in on product output. 

Viva Goals is included as part of the broader Viva Suite package for £6.80 per user per month, or as a standalone package for £4.50