What's on your desk? Carl

Hiya Carl, welcome to Blankspace! Thanks for taking the time to share your setup with us. Looks cosy!

desk in home office

Would you care to tell me a little about you and your space?
Sure! My computer is stationed in the corner of my living room, a ‘temporary’ setup over Covid that sort of became a permanent fixture really. I guess that’s quite a common theme in the UK. My main role, when working from home, is liaising with business partners and customers. In my downtime I like to travel and play music.

It certainly is a common theme! I would normally ask about your Office Desk and Chair next, but I think I can guess...
Yep, that’s the living room table and chairs. It does the job, but I am looking at getting something a little more comfortable.

Peter Sagan Book holding up a monitor

Looks great. Lovely and quaint. And talk to me about Peter Sagan? Is it good read? Or a better prop for your monitor?
In fairness, it is a great read. I've had a couple of monitor changes in the last few years and for this one, Peter Sagan's autobiography was perfect. Nothing worse than out-of-level screens! (Apart from having to by another screen of course!

If you want to give him a rest then check out a dual monitor mount, something like this one by K&M. What’s next for your setup?
I’d like to move everything to a more permanent place and regain our living room table but for the time being it just isn’t viable. Organisation is important for me, especially being in the living room. I’d really like to sort out the mess of cables behind the screens. A few cable ties should do the job. I can't see it being too well received if I drill a hole in the middle of the dining table....

And do I spy one of our products in the picture?
You do, The Nest was my first purchase from Blankspace. Pens are like gold dust both at work and at home so keeping them all in one place is important for me. Even with the pot they still occasionally escape, as you can see.

Pens, they tend to do that! I love the Kestrel on the window sill too. Music, Travel, Cycling and Twitching, you have a lot going on... How does Hybrid Working fit into your lifestyle?
It's ideal for me. I have around an hour commute and so having a comfortable and workable space at home is really important. And before you say it, no I'm not going to cycle to work, horrible roads!

Let’s talk tech. I see you’re keeping things very simple!
I’m the type of person that buys just what I need and nothing more! My headphones we’re playing up recently so I went out and grabbed a new set from Sony. I’ll probably use them until they break. Other than that I have a work-supplied keyboard, mouse, PC and monitors. When I can make a more permanent setup I’d like to really make it my own, but for now a few photo frames will have to do. A wireless charger is a must for me too! I use my phone a lot for work, so I need to be able to charge as I go.

Sony headphones in from of monitor

Thanks! Anything else to add?
It's been a pleasure dealing with Blankspace. I was only too happy to oblige when I got the call from Matt asking if I'd mind spending a few minutes on a Q&A. Sounds like there's some great new lines coming too, so I'll be keeping an eye on www.blankspace.co.uk