Youtube is go!

We’re live on Youtube!

Hiya, it’s a short post this week.

We’ve finally got our office space setup for some recording and our first product spotlight video is going live tonight!

We understand that a lot of our products aren’t available to purchase in stores and so you, our lovely customers, must take a leap of faith and purchase based on a few photos and some nice writing. Even with the occasional product having a flashy video advert alongside it, you still have very little to go on. Hence our new Youtube channel Blankspace_Office.

At blankspace_office we’ll be doing hands-on videos so you can see a range of our products away from flashy adverts and in a more realistic office setting. We’ll be showing you how our products work, any unique features and doing a few comparisons too. 

Plus keep an eye out for some exclusive discounts and product reveals in the future!

This week we're taking a look at the Humble One and Gingko Octagon One Lamps. If its something of interest to you then jump on over to and check us out. As always, hit the magic like and subscribe buttons, you know the drill!