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Desk Mat Slim

Desk Mat Slim

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Out of the way, but within reach.

Control your workstation with the OrbitKey Desk Pad. Made from vegan leather and felt, this is more than a mouse mat. Secure cables with the magnetic cable holder, stop pens and other bits falling off the desk by placing them along the inbuilt rail and prevent paper pile-ups by tidying away unnecessary bits between the leather and felt sections. The Orbitkey Desk Mat gives everything a place while keeping it all within reach.  


  1. A clever solution to organise and optimise your workspace.
  2. Document hideaway to store loose papers and notes.
  3. Magnetic cable holder keeps cables in place.
  4. Made from premium vegan leather and 100% recycled PET felt.
  5. Dimensions: 800(L) x 310(w) x 4.9mm(h).
  6. UK stock, ready for dispatch today. Orbitkey UK Supplier.

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